Thursday, March 22, 2018

I do not post very often but I had to share my thoughts today.  Citibank announced that it would impose restrictions on gun sellers that use it's services.  Here is a link to the NY Times story

I promptly looked in my wallet to see if I had any Citibank issues cards.  The lone Citibank card in my wallet was a Home Depot card.  I called Home Depot to cancel the card and sent Home Depot the email below.

Home Depot,

Citibank recently announced that it would impose its own arbitrary restrictions on its customers that sell guns.  These gun related businesses are following all state and federal laws but Citibank has decided to impose its own restrictions.  Politics have no place in business.  I searched my wallet and discovered that the only Citibank card in my wallet was my Home Depot card.  I promptly closed my Home Depot Card (administered by Citibank).  I will also not do business with Home Depot in the future as long as you have a relationship with Citibank.  There are plenty of other choices in home improvement retailers.



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