Sunday, September 12, 2010

Luthers Jerky

There are a few simple pleasures in life......cold beer on a hot day, a good cigar on a still summer night and Luther's Jerky.  I am not affiliated with Luther's beyond being a dedicated customer.  Comparing Luther's jerky with the garbage jerky sold at your local convenience store is like comparing a soy burger to Kobe beef.

Luther's is based in LeRoy, Kansas population 568.  Luther's jerky is also available at various locations in SE Kansas.  If you do not plan on visiting LeRoy, Kansas in the near future Luther's has a website that allows you to have the Jerky of the Gods delivered to your door.

I recommend buying in bulk and storing in your freezer for freshness.  My favorites are the hot beef jerky and the teriyaki beef jerky.  Both flavors come in traditional strips and "popcorn" style.  I recommend getting both as the strips are thick and meaty while the "popcorn" allow you to moderate your intake.

Mo-Rod Ruger Mini-14 Barrel Stabilizer / Accurizer is the first dealer for the Mo-Rod Ruger Mini-14 Barrel Stabilizer / Accurizer!  We are excited about our new relationship with Mo-Rod.  We have been very successful selling the Accu-Strut but Accu-Strut has suspended production without an ETA for a new production run leaving us sold out of our inventory.  I wanted our customers to have access to Ruger Mini-14 accurizing products so we expanded our product selection with the Mo-Rod.
The Mo-Rod utilizes CNC machined clamps that increase heat dispersion  from your Mini-14 Barrel in addition to the amazing accurizing effects.  I will have a video of the Mo-Rod installation process up next week.